What’s coming in Cone 12?


Various Mapping Background Tools, Mapping Utilities and Route Directions (Note Great Britain Only).

Ordnance Survey 5K and 10K Open Plan tiles can now be imported directly from our online Cloud Resource

Custom Areas of maps can now be created and imported in real time including:

  • Ordnance Survey Open Plan Raster Images
  • Ordnance Survey PREMIUM MasterMap Raster Images and VECTOR
  • Google / Bing Satellite and Road Map Raster Images

New tools for the import of Google Earth Images

New unique OS X/Y Offset tool

Plus numerous other mapping utility tools, such as get a Google Street View from a pick point on a CAD map

The Route Direction Tool enables you to create typical A to B via C Route Direction Paths directly onto CAD maps

For Route Diversions, the ability to specify a Blocked Area (Road Closure) is a powerful option

Tables with Route Direction Instructions and lists of typical diverted traffic signs are easily created


Additional signs:

  • Approx. 12 new Welsh/English signs
  • New Works Access Signs
  • New 7245 (Narrow Lane) Signs
  • Additional 7245 (Lane Alignment) Signs
  • Inclusion of National Highways logo where applicable

All dialog based tools that insert signs, leaders and sign symbols allow the signs and sign symbols to be independently scaled

Sign Arrays:

  • Several improvements and fixes have been applied to the Sign Array Tool
  • A user sign array can now also be created by selecting signs on the drawing
  • Signs and the sign symbols can now be independently scaled
  • The sign symbol offset value can now be negative

Frequent Signs inserted from the Ribbon or Toolbar can now be configured to insert Welsh bilingual where applicable

Fixed Frequent Signs issue where the sign configuration was without leaders

Additional 6th lane added to 7202.1 Wicket Signs creation tool

7244 Destination add zone left now works correctly

Work Space hatch settings now update correctly

The majority of cone tools will now work in a UCS (a view that is rotated around the Z axis but is still parallel to the WCS) without switching back to the WCS first, the notable exception are the Chapter 7 sign design tools

Traffic Light Phase tables headers and footers now update

Chapter 7 Sign Design Tools
Dedicated Lane, Shared Dedicated Lanes and TigerTail tools have been modified to correctly check for valid Chapter 7 Sign Design objects when selecting objects to include

The Green and White background options in the Tiger Tails tool now render correctly

Fixed issue with stacked signs in sign scheduler not picking up similar but opposite handed signs

Much Much More…

We have much more still in development for Cone 12, if you have any questions or suggestions please get in touch