Software for the creation of Temporary Road Traffic Control Diagrams and Route Diversion Schemes

Created by leading Traffic Engineering and Software experts CONE is easy-to-use, affordable and – since its introduction over 20 years ago – has become firmly established as the first choice throughout the UK TM industry to aid in the preparation of temporary traffic control diagrams, route diversion and event management schemes.

Cone Software - Temporary Traffic Management Diagram

CONE covers all aspects of temporary traffic management design from simple pedestrian footways through to complex multi-lane highway closures and contra-flows.

With CONE you work the way you want. Create standards-based, site-specific, schematic diagrams or scale plan drawings directly onto maps in minutes with ease, consistency and flexibility.

CONE has quality built-in. Conforming to national standards, the drawings you produce look professional and others readily understand them.

CONE Software is three packages in one: To compliment the tools for creating Temporary Traffic Management Diagrams; CONE now includes Road Marking and Sign Design tools as standard.

Cone Software - Road Marking & Sign Design Tools

CONE is used by wide variety of traffic planning related professionals including:
Highways Agencies, Utility Companies, Local Government, Traffic Management Companies, Civil Engineers, Consultants, Main Contractors, Crane and Plant hire, Event Management, Airport and Bridge Authorities.