CONE11UKCONE11UK consists of database of over 3000 signs, symbols and schematics in full colour from a single cone
up to sections of roadwork for motorway schemes.

The CONE database is supplemented by a range of easy to use intuative tools and time savers to ease the work process and boost productivity

All the files and tools are fully cross-referenced to user manuals and operation is via a single easy to navigate pull down menu interface and/or toolbars

CONE10UK is delivered on CD ROM with both electronic and hard copy fully detailed user manuals, complete with installation instructions to get you started.


CONE is an ADD-ON tool for AutoCAD or BricsCAD

Our CONE STANDALONE package (best seller) includes a copy of CONE and a copy of BricsCAD classic

CONE is also available as an add-on to Full AutoCAD (or AEC,CIVILS etc) (Versions 2016 to 2020) 

Both packages ensure industry standard DWG file compatibility,
Import DWG/DXF and various images formats
Export to DWG/DXF, PDF and DWF

Hardware Requrements: Personal Computer / Laptop: Windows 10, 7
1024 x 768 resolution display or better
2 GB Ram (6GB or more recommended)
CONE is licensed on a per-PC basis and is soft key locked
CONE adheres to and expands upon where applicable the following standards

Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2002

Safety at Street Works and Road Works - A Code of Practice

The Traffic Signs Manual :
  • Chapter 5 – Road markings (2003)
  • Chapter 7 – The Design of Traffic Signs (2013)
  • Chapter 8 - Road works and temporary situations (2009) (Part 1 and Part 2)
Top quality, high standards, ease of use, consistency and speed together with creative flexibility is the key to your success.
At the heart of the CONE system is a vast range of pre-drawn schematic diagrams that adhere to and greatly expand upon the standard requirements of Chapter 8.

Multi-purpose, the CONE schematics cover all aspects of temporary traffic management and have many uses such as basic reference, indicative drawings, pre-tender proposals and when schemes are required for dual carriageways they represent the quickest and most convenient method of producing a TM plan.

CONE schematics are categorised into libraries operated by easy to use tools and include:

Roads and Junctions
Single Carriageways
Dual Carriageways
Road Closures
Standard Detail Drawings
All the signs you will need to create traffic control plans, lane closures, route diversion schemes or any other type of temporary road traffic diagram.

Bilingual Welsh / English and English / Welsh Signs

Copy, move, rotate and scale signs with ease.

Search for specific signs using the preset search topics or enter any free-form search phrase

Easily browse through the sign folder structure and clearly see the signs selected in the large image preview

Modify any variable text and quantities before insertion

Organise signs into categories to your own preferences using the Favourites facility

Signs can be quickly dropped individually onto the drawing with or without sign leaders or the Multi Insert facility enables a range of signs to be placed on the drawing with a single click
Apply the finishing touches to your diagrams with CONE's comprehensive range of symbols and supplementary details

Cones, Tapers, Chicanes, Entry & Exit Crossovers, Linear Devices, Barriers, Vehicles, People and many many more

Chapter 8 detail drawings

Tables and Keys drawings


CONE includes a large range of tools to assist in the placement of TM schemes directly onto OS, “Google” and other maps.

Easy import and scaling of image maps

Tools to automatically place and align single lane and dual carriageway approaches

Advanced coning and devices tool

Works area hatching

Setting-out and road centre line tools

Curve measuring and marking

Road markings tools and many more…


The process of adding signs and symbols to maps can be achieved in minutes allowing you to concentrate on the "bigger picture"


“True” sign design utilising Transport Fonts Easy to use tool; signs are created by simply placing and arranging Text Legends, Symbols & Arrows, Route Arms, Roundabouts, Route Patches and Panels as required and then finalising the sign which adds the background plate in the appropriate colour and style along with other finishing options


The following sign types can be created in CONE 10: Temporary Signs for road works, route diversions etc. Event Management Signs (with additional user defined symbols) Directional Informatory Signs Stack Type Advance Directions Signs Map Type Advance Direction Signs Dedicated Lane Advance Direction Signs Flag Type Direction Signs Route Confirmation Signs Motorway Signing
Designed to make life easier. CONE time savers are your key to better productivity.

Sign Wizards Roadway Tool Leader Tools Sign Labeling Modify Text on Signs Offset and Innovative Tapers Curve Toolbox Rulers and Markers Cone Easy Commands
Road and Line markings and other features in line with Chapter 5 of the Traffic Signs Manual

Lines, Hatches, Chevrons, Normal & Elongated Text, Zig-zags, Yellow box junctions, T-Junctions, Zebra and Pelican crossings, Arrows and other symbols
Create Bill of Quantities in no time


Need a bill of material, inventory or a picking list? - Create one in seconds with CONE. Various output options or simply import back onto the current drawing