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Software for the creation of Temporary Road Traffic Control Diagrams & Route Diversion Schemes
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What's new in Cone10UK? See the main features here

Feature Screenshots See It Working

New Sign Search, Browse & Insert Tool
Inserting signs has never been so easy and flexible

  • Search for signs from list of search topics or enter any word or phrase
  • Browse for signs by frequent use or sign number
  • Organise signs into your own user defined favourites
  • Multiple sign viewing and multiple sign insert
  • Insert signs at various scales and rotation angles
  • Insert signs with or without sign symbols and leaders
  • Insert signs a specific distance from a datum point
  • Modify variable text before sign insertion

. . . . .


New Sign Array Tool
Place a series of signs directly onto a map quickly and easily

Sign Arrays are lists of signs (plus optional sign symbol and leader lines) complete with accumulative distances from a datum point.
CONE Standard Sign Arrays are provided for both Single Carriageway and Dual Carriageway schemes.
The most common use for Sign Arrays are in the rapid and accurate placing of an array of signs leading up to the start of a works area but they can be used anywhere on your schemes.


. .

Curve Tools

Quickly and easily measure or draw object along a curve

The new CONE curve toolbox includes various functions that enable you to easily and quickly draw and measure items along a curve, for example:

  • Improved Devices along a Curve (replaces Coning Along a Line)
  • Regular and Irregular Rulers
  • Dynamic Measure and Mark
  • Offset Tapers

. . . .

Chapter 7 Sign Design

For the first time “True” sign design utilising Transport Fonts is now available as part of CONE

Temporary signs for road works and route diversions
Event Management Signs (with additional user defined symbols)

Permanent Sign Design

  • Stack and Map Type Advance Directions Signs
  • Dedicated Lane Advance Direction Signs
  • Flag Type Direction Signs
  • Route Confirmation Signs
  • Motorway Signing

. . . . . . . . .

New Improved Road Marking Tools

  • Standard symbols: Arrows, Cycle, Mini-Roundabouts etc.
  • Standard and Elongated text
  • Line Makings
  • Line and Chevron Hatching 
  • Zig-Zags
  • Zebra and Pelican Crossings
  • T-Junction markings
  • Yellow Box Junctions
  • Query and Label Tools

. . . . . .

And Many More New Tools and Features

  • Short Consice Pull Down Menu
  • New Tool Bars
  • Scale Image to Picked Distance
  • Polyline Wipeout Mask
  • Dog-Leg a Leader
  • New Quick Sign Schedule
  • Roadway Creation Tool
  • Dynamic Fillets
  • New User Guides

. . .