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Software for the creation of Temporary Road Traffic Control Diagrams & Route Diversion Schemes
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Product technical support, FAQ & Other Information
New Cone Hotline: 01484 489796 or if busy 01484 489339 or email

Topic Date Cone 9 Cone 10 BricsCAD AutoCAD
Where is my CONE menu (CONE v9 or v10)? Sep 26, 2013
Where are the pull-down menus in AutoCAD? Sep 26, 2013  
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Adding CONE causes CAD program to hang Sep 26, 2013
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How do I plot to a fixed scale Sep 26, 2013    
How do I move CONE to a new PC? Sep 26, 2013
How to Load a Raster image into CAD Sep 26, 2013  
How do I load a CAD map file Sep 26, 2013
Error: bad argument type: streamp nil Nov 12, 2013  
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link to Cone10.2.1 patch file CLICK HERE